Thursday, 28 February 2013

Literary KAL

In addition to my official knitting 'queue' this year, I have also joined a KAL (knit a long). Hosted by the Knitting Goddess forum on Ravelry, this involves knitting one item per month to fit in with a literary theme. Each month has an author's name, and the FO (finished object) must have a link to that author. It can have a pertinent pattern name, yarn name, or a link to the designer. Anything really; the best thing about KAL is how open to interpretation they are. We are only given the three months ahead. So January is Dickens, February is Shakespeare and March is Agatha Christie. I've been looking for accessory patterns, mainly so I can fit them in! I'm also hoping some things can double up for gifts I have planned throughout the year. For Dickens month, I have opted for Pip Squeak socks, tenuously inspired by the hero of Great Expectations. I was hoping for a lacy Miss Haversham pattern, but it seems there is a lack. Designers, take note! The socks are ankle length, so a nice quick knit. And, as always, perfect for my never ending bus commutes. The yarn is Trekking XL, a German brand I have had in stash for years. I can't even remember how I came by it. The colour warms me up just looking at it!

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